About Us

Paul Stone is a retired research engineer with more than 75 inventions, 17 granted patents (as of October, 2020) and a few more patents pending. He is a son of an Industrial Arts teacher who made so much money that he had to do everything himself. He simply could not afford to hire somebody else to do things. He built every house he ever owned, rebuilt his own automobile engines, built his own furniture. It would not surprise you to learn that Paul and his three brothers learned how to use tools and do most things themselves. He was raised with machine tools, a MIG welder, a TIG welder etc. in the garage.

When a certain rain gutter company revealed that they would not sell their rain gutters unless they installed them (translation: an extra $700 to $1000 in profit), the conversation was over. He simply would not hire somebody to do something that he could do himself.

We also don't understand why you could pay for something you could provide for yourself.

The Swap Saw™ is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. We provide the components that you cannot buy elsewhere and combine them, in kit form with other parts (fasteners and the like) that we can buy in bulk, saving our customers big time, and adding convenience by having all those parts included in the kit.

We don't include things that the DIY community can easily provide for themselves. It makes little sense to ship a sheet of plywood via UPS when the customer can purchase the same product from a local source for less than the shipping cost alone would be. We are also providing free downloads on our web site, to make the build easier. There will be vector graphics files for some wood parts that can be used to program a CNC router to make the plywood parts (for those with access to a CNC router that can handle a 4 x 8 sheet of 3/4" plywood).

In short, we treat others the way we want to be treated.

The Swap Saw™ is our flagship product with more in the pipeline. Please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about additional products and plans you can download.

Paul Stone
Co-Founder, Manager, Inventor