Production Update (11/24/2020)

By Paul Stone
November 24, 2020

Production is generally progressing smoothly on the Swap Saw™. Current status is as follows:

Parts generally fall into two categories: COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) and Custom. The COTS parts are readily available and easy to get. At most these take a week to obtain. I will confine the conversation here to the custom parts required for the Swap Saw™.

Custom Parts:

Rails (both left and right): These are custom extrusions and are due in between Dec. 2 & Dec. 10th. The supplier has been slammed with orders and they are short handed because of COVID. Their lead times historically have been 4 to 6 weeks. Last time I checked, their lead times had increased to 17 weeks (ouch). The rails are on track to be available between Dec. 2 and Dec. 10. The next ones may take 17 weeks to get.

Struts: These are also custom extrusions. We have received them and they are waiting to be machined.

End Plates: Made from custom extrusions and they are waiting to have the holes punched in them.

Pivot Plates: Custom Machined Parts, waiting to be machined. We have the raw material sitting at the machine shop.

Flip Stops: Custom Machined Parts, waiting to be machined. We have the raw material sitting at the machine shop.

Carriage Clamps: Custom Machined Parts. These parts have been completed are are ready to be assembled to the carriages (when the carriages come in).

Flip Stop Bodies: These are made from custom extrusions. They have been machined, anodized and are ready to pack up.

Polycarbonate Carriages: The mold is mostly done. We have some test parts, but there were some minor problems (like the parts breaking when they came out of the mold). Most of these have been resolved. A few changes to the mold are being made now. The next test parts will be made Thanksgiving week.

At the present time the rails and the carriages are the pacing items. The parts that are waiting to be machined are all at the same machine shop. The small machine shop that is fabricating our parts has faced some challenges. Two of their employees were out with COVID but have since returned to work. They had several other employees out with other illnesses. They have all returned to work now and are starting to catch up.

There are several custom boxes and other packaging items required for the Swap Saw™. All but one of these have been delivered and are ready to go. Once we have a final date as to when the rails and carriages will be completed, we will produce the final box. The assembly and packaging area has very little storage space and we are synchronizing the deliver of the outer box with the delivery of the last parts.

Sub Assemblies:

These are really kits of small parts (mostly fasteners) that go into the main box. These include the following:

Fence Kit: Complete, ready to box up

Counter Balance Kit: Complete, ready to box up.

Rail Kit: Complete, ready to box up.

Strut Kit: 95% complete. Waiting for pivot plates.

Flip Stop Starter Kit: We have all the parts and packaging except one machined part (listed above). Once we get that part, we can start boxing them up.

Paul Stone