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Store-able & Portable & Common Saw

  • Easily stores so you can still use your garage.
  • Can fit in the back of a PT Cruiser.
  • Uses DeWalt DWE 575 saw.
  • Uses most professional routers with a three hole pattern.


  • Follow our step-by-step instructions.
  • Paper template for exact drilling.
  • Our videos help show exactly how to assemble.
  • Need extra help? We are happy to walk you through it.

Lower Shipping Cost

  • Our kit is affordable to ship.
  • Competitors charge $100+ just for shipping.
  • Some even charge extra for residential delivery.

SwapSaw™ Basic

  • Crosscut capacity: 51"
  • Rip capacity: 48" in width; unlimited length
  • Handles 60- x 60" Baltic birch with an initial rip cut.
  • Miter capacity: 45° up to 36" wide
  • Depth of cut: Standard 1-5/8" (Up to 2" with the affordable recommended saw)
  • Bevel cuts in both crosscut and rip modes: Up to 45° with the affordable recommended saw (requires a modification on the saw slot in the saw carriage) (NOT possible with new injection molded carriages)
  • Carriages: 1/2" thick shatterproof polycarbonate for a clear view of the cutline. Both the saw and router carriages are predrilled for quick tool mounting.
  • Accuracy: Within 1/32" over 4 feet
  • Dimensions:
    • Set up: 96 wide x 82 High x 30
    • Stored: 84" x 82" x 6" with the legs folded in
    • Knocked down: 40" wide x 80" tall x 12" deep


SwapSaw™ Deluxe

  • Everything with the SwapSaw™ Basic
  • 2nd carriage for easy switching from saw to router
  • Flip Stop Starter Kit & T-Track (8 feet) for multiple cuts at precise length
(Father's Day Sale!)

$799.99 - $720.00